"Out of all the Wonders in the World, the Greatest Wonder of all is Sharing Them with You!"

Keli is a professional and gifted, Psychic, Medium, Intuitive Visionary Consultant, Life Coach and Healer, based in Los Angeles, CA. She is clairvoyant & clairaudient, utilizing all of her senses to hear, see and feel thus keying in to your specific needs and or areas of concern. During your consultation you will receive answers & guidance regarding your life's most important questions, as well as the illumination and resolution of any posssible energy blocks. Ages, dates and names are some of the amazing pieces of information Keli recieves easily! Her Strategic Corporate Visionary Consulting is available for private clients, small businesses and large corporations. She is highly skilled, in providing that extra edge that is so imperative in today’s competitive global market. 

  As a Medium, Keli is able to connect with your loved ones in spirit bringing messages of love, light, joy & healing. Her gentle yet straight forward & grounded nature will bring clarity, comfort & illumination to your life. She is non judgmental, compassionate, humorous, intelligent and worldly, which all add to her level of understanding, likability and compassion. As an intuitive, life consultant, she is able to help her clients easily move to the next level of desired success in all areas.

Most consultations tend to cover a vast arena of personal subjects, thus it's important to be assured that Keli values and adheres to strict confidentiality when it comes to her client's and their privacy.

Having travelled the world extensively, visiting 58 countries and speaking 3 languages, Keli has been fortunate to truly experience many different cultures and connect with wonderful people from all walks of life across the globe. She is a consumate giver and enjoys life to the fullest! Most of all she receives great joy in working with all of her clients and assisting them in navigating this journey through life that we are all a part of! It is her goal to help you live your life with as much clarity, purpose, joy and love as possible.

For consultations, Keli is available over the phone, and currently has very limited availability for in person readings due to national and international travel. Be assured that her accuracy is just as solid over the phone, as energy knows no boundries. International clients will be consulted via internet skype to skype voice or messenger calls.

As confirmed by so many, sessions with Keli are life changing and will touch your soul. She looks forward to working with you!

***Voted #10 in the category of "World's Best and Most trusted Psychics” out of approximately 18,000 US and 4000 International Psychics and recognized as one of the top 25 psychics, in the category- People's Choice for "America's Best Psychics"