Here you'll find a few testimonials, out of hundreds of wonderful letters of feedback that Keli has received from her clients.


Hi Keli,
I wanted to first thank you and then to give you feedback on my 2 recent readings…Simply amazing! In regard to my business reading, I gave you no details yet you nailed it! You were completely direct and to the point about the practical, realistic process of achieving my goal. You’re business savvy and were able to highlight the personalities and most effective way to approach each of the key players. You confirmed and added accurate strategy to my business plan and this was exactly what I was hoping for!
In regard to the reading about my stepson, Keli, you were compassionate yet at the same time, you went directly to what my stepson wanted our family to know. You didn’t know him however, you described his personality, what he felt about leaving this world at the time he did, using words that he used to use and in the style that he spoke. You interpreted surprisingly accurate details about him and his way of thinking. I felt that your heart and integrity were truly invested in sharing your gift with me. Thank you in every way!
Las Vegas, NV

Hi Keli,
I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciated your reading  last week.  I knew my brother was speaking thru you when you mentioned the “hand symbols” which I knew immediately he was referring to the wrist tattoo I got to honor my brothers.  I knew he would have something to say about it and it made me laugh that he would bring it up first thing.  My brother was a strange but funny guy who was not afraid to be different.  As you were able to relay to me, yes, he would not wear shorts, only jeans even at the beach.  He loved the ocean, fishing and all water related events so I was not surprised when you/he asked why I don’t get down to the beach often…..just like my brother to ask.  He also had a funny way of raising his hand to me as if to jokingly wack me (or as you said, “he has a funny hand symbol…doesn’t he?”).  Yup that was my brother.  This spiritual connection brings much comfort and enables me to accept and be at peace with his passing.
Any time I can feel close to my brothers brings such joy to me.  Knowing that they are looking over me and that there is a spiritual connection give me great peace.
Thank you again,

Keli is an incredibly powerful intuitive healer with amazing spiritual and psychic gifts. She is honest and direct, yet compassionate and caring so that a reading with Keli is healing in every sense of he word. Time and again she not only accurately communicates coming events and changes in my life, but her readings include relevant and powerful messages of wisdom and guidance help me prepare to successfully deal with is coming. I get tremendous insight into my true self and my life’s purpose whenever I have a reading with Keli and am so grateful to have her counsel.

WOW Keli! You've got it all perfect. Everything you said is right, all the way down to the ring I have from someone and need to let go. You are amazing! Thank you so much for everything. This was a great gift for me right now, just when I needed it most and just when I am most open for it. Thank you so much, you listened to my angels. They know what I need and when and you were there to be the one to tell me. I want to tell you something. A couple of days ago I was down at the beach for a walk and I said to my angels; "I have not had any special contact with you in a while, I could use some right about now. I would love to hear from you." And.... here they are with you as their vessel - you became my angel. How special is that?!!! It can't get any better. Love you Keli and you are as special as the gift you just gave me.
Love, Omi
San Diego, CA

My husband and I met Keli at a private party, where she was hired to do readings. We went into the reading not expecting anything life changing, especially since neither of us had went to one before. However we were absolutely blown away, not only with the tarot card reading, but the undeniable psychic connection she had with a member of our family that had passed on 10 years ago. We are still processing the experience and look forward to future readings with her. I also plan on utilizing her services for events that I coordinate. We found her comforting, professional and genuinely gifted. 

Josie A.
Culver City, CA 

I had a reading over the phone with Keli, and I have to say, "She is THE BEST"!!! I have had readings in the past, some good and some bad, but Keli is the real deal. She was dead on point with everything, I mean everything. I didn't have to give her any information at all. She picked up on accurate info that no one would have known. If you really want to have a good reading with helpful tips to exercise on your own, choose Keli as your Spiritual Advisor, she is great!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Gia F.
Studio City, CA 

Keli is amazing. She told me dates and was completely accurate. I will be calling her again and again!!!! 
Melissa B.
Van Nuys, CA 

Keli read for my girlfriend and I at a party I was attending and we were both blown away along with most of the party's guests. Everything that was going on in our lives she called out specifically. This was my first time with a psychic and I've always been skeptic, but Keli is the real deal. A very special talent. 
Dante C.
Los Angeles, CA 

Keli is an amazing reader and was spot on during our brief time! I am looking forward to a future reading from her to catch up and compare! She nailed so many situations and circumstances in my life! Thanks Keli! 
Suzanne G.
Thousand Oaks, CA 

I found Keli online on the Best Psychic Directory, and I am simply BLOWN away. She gave me a reading on the phone and was on point with EVERYTHING. She is simply amazing. Her undeniable psychic connection is VERY strong, VERY accurate and will literally make you gasp and cry - I DID!!! Thank you Keli, your confirmations are comforting and assuring. I look forward to speaking with you again and again. 
Shirlet N.

This review is long overdue, I know that there are many people out there that say they have a gift and can give you a great reading. However, most are charlatans. Keli is the real deal and knew specific and detailed information that is not posted anywhere in social media. I do readings and predictions as well, so I know it takes more than just tarot cards to give insight that Keli gave me. I was so thankful for her insight that I immediately recommended my friend to have a reading, and my friend who is a Wiccan was just as impressed as I. I definitely recommend Keli because she is one of a kind, and a true practitioner.

Irina D.

Love love her energy and vibe, half hour felt like 1 min , she had so many things to say. (Good , bad all In between)Extremely gifted and colorful soul , like u were talking with an empathic/direct friend. Aaaaahhhhh. She continued my sentences , wow she knew everything, maybe a spy? Experienced many readings in my life , she nailed it and ontop of that she encourages where she felt necessary, to me the best , very intuitive, genuine and effective. Also the preceding days felt altered in ways -elevated . Seems like an enchanting friend You've always longed to talk to. U da bomb!

Bjanka M.

One of the best reading I've had. So glad I found her! It's like she knew exactly what I am going through and what I need to better myself.

Kristina F.